Dil Roberts Photography
For those of you who haven't yet tries any manual focus lenses on your cames, all I can say is, it's time you did. I can understand if cost is a problem but there are real gems out there waiting to be picked up. One such lens is the Cosina Voigtlaender 50 f2.5. Very small, beautifully built and a dream to use. Focusing on the Nex system is very easy using the peeking function, and on the m4/3 system it's not much harder. Mine was made for the Nikon mount and I'm using a generic Nikon(S) adapter for both m4/3 and the Nex system. You can buy this lens for a couple of hundred Euro and an adapter for around 20 Euro. You can't get much cheaper than that, and it is really fun.

The lens is rerally small and the focusing ring nice and smooth. The aperture ring turns too easiliy for my taste but just by being careful and checking the aperture set quite often, it doesn't become a real problem when using it in the field. Being a Nikon mount, the aperture ring turns opposite to most of my lenses. I.e. To stop down you turn the ring to the right (looking from the back of the lens). After a while you get used to it and again, not a real problem.

Voigtlaender Skopar 50 f2.5 Adapted for Sony Nex-5N