Dil Roberts Photography
An amazing site for all things concerning digital cameras.
One of the best on the web.

Excellent site for equipment reviews, very good forums where people know what they're doing. Some good plug-ins can be bought for a very reasonable price as well as containing a buy and sell forum for a fee.

Michael Reichmann. An excellent site with lots of information from P&S to large format cameras. Provides Tutorials, Columns, Essays and much, much more.

Excellent site for real world camera and lens experience. No charts or brick wall tests. Mostly Leica but some other good stuff too.

When I look at his images, it just makes me want to delete mine. Simply amazing!

Great site for Leica fans and especially for the Digilux 2.

Images from Leica cameras.
Good info on all sorts of lenses and cameras. Very good photographer.

Now this is something different! Voted as one of the top 100 design influencers by Time Magazine. Amazing what people will wear.

This guy writes a LOT! He writes about anything and everything. I personally enjoy it very much. Great info.

The Online Photographer. A very popular blog for some interesting and not always on photographic topics. A good read.

Darwins Blog

Robin Whalley
Robin has two sites at present:
Some good ebooks to be purchased here.

Great Forums. Good m4/3 forum.

Everything about Four Thirds and mFT.

Ians Blog

Davids Blog. Make sure you check out the images in his gallery too.

The makers of this piece of software. I am not affiliated with them at all. This site is made with this package.

Excellent photographer and having a great time right now with his Olympus equipment.

Thanks to Lucile Wilcox for the above link. Lots of good stuff to read here.