Dil Roberts Photography

This camera is a little strange to say the least. I believe it's a one-off from Canon and can be put down as an experiment. I don't think they'll bring out a second version of this camera...but then again never say never, right? I purchased this camera because I wanted something smalish in size but had a big sensor inside it, and it had to be cheap. I could have picked up a Sony RX100 II but I didn't want to pay that much for a camera I wasn't going to be using all the time.
It has actually proved to be a big surprise as the image quality has proved to be excellent because of the 1.5" sensor Canon packed into it. When you look at the Sony RX100 / RX10 / Nikon V1 or V2 cameras, all have the 1" sensor in them and image quality is remarkable. This camera is my take everywhere camera where a larger system would be inappropriate or not allowed at all.
I hope the following gallery shows what this camera is capable of. I wish Canon would have packed in an useable EVF but they didn't. As a matter of fact you can forget the OVF and use this camera as a normal P&S (at arms length). I don't normally use cameras in this way, but here the IS is effective and image quality well worth it.

Random Images from the Canon G1X