Dil Roberts Photography


One of the hottest awaited cameras of 2011 was the Sony Nex-7 which promised to be a super camera offering everything a photographer could wish for in terms of ergonomics. I managed to get hold of one in January just before I went on a trip to northern Norway and I think all the fuss about the camera was justified. The Tri-Navi system implemented on this model is great and I wish all manufacturers would adopt this.

The Nex-7 has a 24MP sensor built in and the quality is simply superb. I'm not a low-light shooter and I never go beyond ISO 800 normally so I'm not qualified to talk about the high ISO performance and I have no intentions of doing so either.

The EVF is superb and you really can't notice that you are actually looking at an EVF. One of the best on the market right now. Right up there with the VF-2 from Olympus. Same applies to the external EVF for the Nex-5N. Simply great.

One of the best implementations on these cameras is the "peaking function". When mounting a manual lens via adapter the screen changes colour to show you exactly which part of the image is in focus. You can select different colours and adjust the strength of the colour shown in the EVF (and on screen).

The Nex-5N with an external EVF is also one of the best cameras in this segment today. It sports an excellent 16MP sensor that is also simply superb. An EVF is a must for my photography so all of my cameras must have either an internal or external EVF. If I had to choose between one of these cameras I'm not sure I could. One thing though, the 140MB TIFF files fromt he Nex-7 really puts your computer through it's paces when post processing the files. If you are planning on a Nex-7, ensure your computer is up-to-date.

The following galleries will contain images from different lenses used on both cameras as I chop and change my lenses between both the Nex-7 and the Nex-5N. I purchased these mainly for my manual focus lenses but having used the 18-55 kit lens, I must say, it is one one of the best kit lens I have ever used. The 16-50 isn't so bad either.

If you are looking for more information about these cameras and how they perform I suggest you visit the following sites for more indepth information.

What really lets the Nex series down for me is the inability to photograph in the 1:1 ratio. This I think could be fixed in firmware but somehow I don't think Sony will implement it. That is why I will be going back to m4/3 cameras. I just love the square format and have been using more and more lately.

Lots of reading for you there. If you read through all the posts you will have enough information as to whether you should buy either the Nex-7 and/or Nex-5N.