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I thought it might be quite useful to some people to see actual lenses mouted on various bodies to see how big or small they are for everyday use. In the image above you can see how small the CV 21 f/4 lens is on the Nex-5N and the Nex-5N can't be clasified as a large camera. If anything, it could be clasified by some people as being too small for use, and I can see their point of view. Since I have small hands it actually feels fine for me, but any smaller and I would have to say no. This is the smallest combination that I will consider. This lens is in the same league as the CV 35 F/2.5 and CV 50 f/2.5 lenses. Really small but delivers very good image quality.

Focal Length: 89 mm
Aperture: f/16.0
Exposure Time: 1/4 sec
ISO: 160
Dil 03/19/13 19:00     comments (0)
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