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Friday, February 2, 2018

Battery Usage in Loire Valley, France


I have now used the Olympus E-M1 and E-M5 II extensively for four solid days. One complaint I have is battery consumption. I don't believe it's down to the cameras but to the third party batteries I've purchased. I haven't bought any Olympus original batteries because I had such good experience with the older type batteries used in their older models. I am now possibly regretting my decision to go the same route with these new batteries. Quality doesn't seem to be quite up the old standard. Some of these batteries seem to die after only about 30 images; some I couldn't even insert into the E-M5 II because they've expanded (possibkly a sign that they'll eplode if I keep using them). These batteries can be disposed of immediately because they will not hold a charge. I think I will have to change my strategy on battery purchases, especially when it comes to these Olympus third party ones.

I also have third party batteries for my TZ101, GX7 etc Panasonic cameras but they hold up very well and I have no problems regrding battery consunption. I had to change the TZ101 battery after 4 days of use, and I did use it quite expensively. The one in my GX7 still shows 80% charge after a whole day of extensive use. Quite amazing and I'm very impressed.

Just a note on this to inform those who are in the same boat as myself. You might just want to purchase original Olympus batteries.

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